Our Family’s mission is to eliminate homelessness and strengthen our community.

We do this by

Providing stability in times of crisis

Linking people to support and resources

Supporting social connectedness

Engaging our neighbors to tackle tough community issues

Acknowledging and combating systemic inequities through policies and advocacy

Our Vision

We envision a socially and economically just community where everyone has a safe, affordable, and stable home.

Our Values

Cultivate the Human Spirit

We value the power of individuals to transform their lives. We create multiple avenues through which individuals can shape their own paths.

Honor Our Differences

We listen to, embrace and celebrate the points of view that different cultures and histories bring to our work. We commit to making our space inclusive, and we work to advance equity and challenge bias in the community.

Pursue Bold Aspirations

We boldly imagine, innovate and create solutions to community challenges. We relentlessly push boundaries, engage community partners, and lead through advocacy to create a safe and successful environment for all.

Lead with Integrity

We commit to earning the community’s trust and respect each day. We hold each other accountable to the highest level of ethics, standards and fiscal responsibility. We do what is right, not what is easy.

Foster a Culture of Care

We bring our authentic selves to our work and perform our duties with passion and compassion. We embrace a culture that encourages self-care, humor, and comradery.

Strategic Plan

In December, 2023 Our Family’s Board of Directors was proud to approve a new three-year strategic plan. A culmination of months of thoughtful discussion and complex decision-making, the three-year plan is a dynamic map of where our agency is headed in the near future.