For more than 71 years Our Family has been on the front lines working to solve Tucson’s most important social issues. Despite our relatively small size, we continue to serve as the backbone of our community’s safety net for homeless youth and families. We offer safe and stable homes for nearly 250 homeless children, youth, and parents each night.

Tools for Self-Sufficiency

When a family is experiencing homelessness, Our Family Services is a point of entry for them to launch their fresh start. We partner with 30 other community programs to get families housed. One of Our Family’s strengths is that we don’t just get a family housed, we keep them housed. We continue to work with them and make sure they have the tools and opportunities they need to be successful and healthy. This includes intensive case management, work and education assistance, counseling, and life and parenting skills – all designed to prepare our clients for long-term self-sufficiency and ensure they never experience homelessness again.

Adults & children housed in 313 households in FY23.
Individuals assessed for Coordinated Entry in FY23.

Housing Assessments

Our Family Services’ Housing programs provide emergency shelter and rapid re-housing for families experiencing homelessness. Each of our housing programs includes intensive case management and provides job search guidance. Homeless individuals, couples, and families live in apartments of their choosing throughout the community and work closely with their case manager to develop family goal plans that identify short- and long-term objectives with timelines for overcoming barriers to self-sufficiency. Limited funds are also available to help low-income families avoid homelessness.

Our Family participates in the community-wide Coordinated Entry assessment and referral system to fill openings in our homeless housing programs. That system includes a general assessment of housing needs and resources and prioritizes completing VI-SPDAT (Vulnerability Index – Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool) assessment application tools for households that:

  1. are literally homeless (on streets, in vehicle, at emergency shelter, etc.); or
  2. are in a dangerous situation (e.g., trafficking, high-risk domestic violence, etc.)

Such households complete the VI-SPDAT assessment application tool and the HMIS system consent form.

In response to COVID-19, drop-in hours are currently suspended. To initiate an assessment of housing resources and options, please call (520) 323-1708.

Questions about housing?

Call: (520) 323-1708 x 103 | Email: housing@ourfamilyservices.org