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As one of the only dedicated homeless youth service providers in Tucson, Our Family Services offers housing and support to many hundreds of homeless youth each year. In fact, the vast majority of Tucson’s homeless youth will be helped by Our Family at some point in their lives.

Meet Marie

Last year Marie —homeless and only 17 years old— had been on the run for weeks without her diabetes medication and became extremely sick. After stabilization and discharge from a hospital, and with no family or friends to turn to, she was dropped off at Our Family Services Reunion House Teen Shelter, confused and scared.

After a history of drug abuse and gang affiliation, Marie decided that she wanted a new path. By working with Reunion House staff, she earned her GED, obtained a full-time job, cut off all ties to her gang, and remains sober. With your help, Our Family Services is able to provide critical support for Marie and hundreds of others like her each year.

*Name has been changed to protect client confidentiality

Homeless youth served from July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017.
Of our participants improved housing stability

Reunion House & Safe Place

We are proud of our Reunion House shelter—a crisis shelter for abused, homeless, and runaway teens (ages 12 – 17); it’s the only shelter of its kind in all of Southern Arizona. Last year, Reunion House offered a safe and supportive home for nearly 250 homeless teens.

Most youth come to Reunion House with little but the clothes they are wearing. We give them necessities and home-cooked meals, enroll them in school, and reunify them with their families whenever possible. We provide a safe, welcoming home until a permanent placement is arranged, with stays averaging five weeks.

Reunion House is a Safe Place.

Safe Place is a national youth outreach and prevention program for young people under the age of 18 in need of immediate help and safety. “Safe Places” are venues where young people can show up at any time of the day or night to access emergency housing.  Businesses like gas stations, libraries, restaurants, etc. can all register as Safe Places. QuikTrip gas stations, for example, comprise about two thirds of the Safe Place locations across Tucson.

Reunion House is the only licensed Safe Place Agency in all of Pima County. Many of the young people who come to Reunion House are brought there by the National Safe Place Program.

Street Outreach & Sex Trafficking Support

Between 1.6 – 2.8 million youth run away annually across the US. Our Family is the only agency in Tucson with full time staff devoted to scouring the washes, river banks, convenient stores, parks, downtown and 4th Ave. looking for homeless and runaway youth (ages 12 – 17) and young adults (18 – 24). Most kids on the street don’t trust adults and are actively avoiding institutionalized care. Most have been victims of abuse from trusted loved ones, or neglect or unsafe homes. Many kids still get kicked out of their homes for being LGBTQ. Our goal is to build trust with these kids so that they will call Our Family in case of an emergency or when they are ready to come in off the streets.

80% of runaway and homeless girls reported having been sexually or physically abused. Sex trafficking is defined as being compelled, forced, or coerced into sex acts in exchange for something needed (money, food, shelter, etc.). Our Family Services is a key partner in the Youth Experiences Survey, administered by the Arizona State University School of Social Work. The study investigates sex and labor trafficking among homeless and runaway young people. Key findings include: the average age of sex trafficking first occurs at 16 years old; among homeless youth who were labor trafficked, over one-third experienced the trafficking as minors; and homeless youth who experienced sex trafficking were more likely to have come from abusive households, to experience serious mental health challenges, and were at a greater risk among their peers to suffer from addiction.

Our response has been to employ a specialized case manager dedicated to serving Sex Trafficking survivors and providing additional services on healing from historic trauma and abuse and to become stabilized.

Youth 12-17 in need of immediate help call:

(520) 320-5122

Young Adults 18-24

(520) 323-1708 x 103 | Email: intake@ourfamilyservices.org

For a Safe Place call:
(520) 320-5122