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You all are truly a gift to The Center. We cannot do what we do every year without all our volunteers, and for that we want to celebrate you and your contribution to the community. Especially after this particularly difficult and peculiar year, let’s take the time to bask in your contributions! So, please join us! We’d love to see you and connect!

Second, this will be a themed gathering: “Bold colors and patterns”! On party day you’re not neutral, so break out your animal prints, rainbows, dots and stripes, paisley, or whatever garb fits your fancy. We’ll take some snazzy photos and show off those statement pieces that don’t always make it out of our wardrobes!

This is an in-person, outdoor and indoor event (you can hang out wherever you feel most comfortable. Air purifiers will be present and PPE available.) This is a drop-in gathering hosted on the NW side of Tucson (address will be provided after registration). Feel free to come in and leave whenever you need to during the 2-5 timeframe. There will be lively conversation and opportunity to meet or catch up with staff and fellow volunteers. We will have ample snacks and beverages to please our palates and bellies. There will be some board games and activities for those of us who fancy a bit of healthy competition and good guffaw. We will also be doing a book exchange: bring a book, get a book!

Take this time with us for celebration and to digest the appreciation! We hope that you will join us


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