When a family is starting over and moving into a new home, they often go in with nothing more than a duffel bag or the clothes on their back. It can take time for someone to shift out of survival mode enough to think about feathering their nest. For over a decade, Carol Lukecart has been donating her time and talent by making about 50 quilts per year and donating them to families so they have warmth and comfort in their new beginning.

Carol first began quilting when she was 15, but donating quilts was a tradition that was handed down from her mother. “When my mom’s macular degeneration got so bad that she couldn’t drive anymore, I started driving her to her quilting circle. I figured I might as well help while I was there.”

When quilting circle members started aging out, Carol brought the operation to her home and continued the tradition on her own. During the summer “when it’s too hot to do anything else” she spends several hours a day quilting. For much of the year, the work that she does for Our Family Services is integrated into the fabric of her life.

Looking back on her own hardships is another reason why Carol wants to help others. “I’ve been there. I know that feeling of when your life is in uproar. That’s another reason why I support Our Family Services. It’s a terrible wrenching fear to start over. I know what they’re going through. It’s a motivation for me to help.” Her hope is that these quilts will stay with the families as the trajectory of their lives takes them to happier times. “When you receive help in your time of need, someday when you’re in a better place you can pass it forward by giving help to somebody else. That’s what we’re meant to do.”

Our Family Services and our clients are so grateful for this warmth, Carol – Thank you!

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