Our Family CEO Beth Morrison was published in the Arizona Daily Star on May 4, 2019. Her letter to the editor talks about how the Pima County Preschool Investment Program can help families and set kids up for success.

One of the largest barriers to reaching financial stability for families is access to affordable quality child care and early education. At Our Family Services, we see families struggle with this each and every day. Pima County has the choice to begin to address this economic problem by supporting the Pima County Preschool Investment Program (PCPIP). PCPIP is a step in the right direction, supporting families in sending their 3-and 4-year old children to preschool thus assisting low-income families in making sure their children have the same access and the same quality experience as families of higher incomes. Imagine living in a community that prioritizes its future work force and leaders. On behalf of the families served by Our Family Services, I encourage the Pima County Board of Supervisors to act boldly and vote yes to get PCPIP moving forward.