Center for Community Dialogue and Training

Mission Statement

Our Family’s Center for Community Dialogue & Training (the Center) helps Southern Arizonans discuss challenging issues in a skilled, civil, and respectful way through mediation and facilitation, communication trainings, and events that build skills and spread constructive dialogue.

Vision Statement

Southern Arizona shines as a national model for the way community members, including community leaders, routinely engage in open, civil, and respectful dialogue when addressing interpersonal conflicts and examining community issues.

The Center: Who Are We?

The Center celebrated its 40th year in 2019 in providing supportive services for conflict resolution, communication tools and civil discourse. The Center continues to support community by empowering individuals to use their voices and recognize each other’s common humanity through program services that increase dialogue and learned skills to apply to every-day life. This increases civility and understanding here in Southern Arizona and beyond.

As a program of Our Family Services, the Center is a “social good” endeavor: Your participation in our services not only promotes effective, nonviolent problem-solving, but helps fund services for individuals experiencing homelessness in our community.

A timeline of the Center

  •  1982: Our Town Family Center (Our Town) trains mediators from the community and used them as volunteers to resolve community disputes. Additional services also added of community forums, dialogue circles, and peer mediation.
  • 2010: Center for Transformative Mediation (CTM) Program merged with Our Town and emerged with a vision to lead the way towards a more peaceful community through civil communication practices and conflict-transformation services.
  • 2011: Grassroots Community groups Tucsonans for Civility (TFC) and CTM merge in the aftermath of gun violence in Tucson, AZ. Increased dialogue efforts and new community connections. New name of the Center for Community Dialogue (CCD) adopted.
  • 2016: Logo for the Center developed, strategic planning focus and vision statement created. New name adopted of the Center for Community Dialogue & Training (CCDT).
Individuals through trainings, community forums, dialogue circles and mediations in FY19.
The Center earnings above expenses in FY19 which was used to cover rent and utilities for five families for one month.

Center Programs & Services

Community Mediation

  • Conflict between two individuals (interpersonal) or a group (multi-party) that is having difficulty being resolved. Mediations are conducted to help navigate the conflict resolution process by trained staff and skilled volunteers – safely, with respect and confidentiality along with a neutral approach. May be court ordered or community referred.
  • What is Mediation?
  • Mediation Rates and Fees

Community Forums & Dialogue Events

  • Center staff and volunteers expertly facilitate dialogue processes for large Community Forums and small topic-centered groups, empowering respectful and productive discussions in which all voices are heard. The Center and community partners work together to coordinate and implement these events that increase dialogue and offer a collective healing opportunity.
  • More about Community Forums & Events


  • Gain and enhance skills in conflict management, conflict resolution, dialogue facilitation, effective communication, running productive meetings and many more. Customizable trainings for community partners. View the current training schedule at:
  • Trainings offered in English & Spanish.
  • Offered virtually and in-person. **Due to the pandemic, the Center is currently hosting all virtual trainings. Updates will occur as it becomes safe to come together in person.
  • Trainings We Offer

Facilitation / Strategic Planning

  • Center staff use highly interactive methods that fully engage all members of the organization, board of directors, department, coalition or special project to set priorities, focus energy, allocate resources, identify obstacles and determine achievable actions.
  • What is Facilitation/Strategic Planning? 

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