The Center for Community Dialogue & Training has been invited by the City of Tucson to support an important and timely Community Conversation around the expansion of the Reid Park Zoo into the Barnum Hill/ duck pond area of Reid Park through community conversations with Dialogue Circles. The Dialogue Circles will aim to solicit input on Gene C. Reid Park/Reid Park Zoo expansion and to focus on educating and discussing potential options, impacts, and trade-offs. The report-backs from these conversations will become a part of the information that helps to inform the Mayor and Council’s decision.

Circles will be held both in-person** and virtually on April 10. In-person and virtual Circles will take place at different times; the Circles will likely be held in the morning and in the afternoon. Each Circle event will be 2.5 hours, so if you decide to assist with both in-person and virtual Dialogue Circles it would be a total of around 5 hours (and likely a bit more for driving/prep, etc.).

The Dialogue Circles will aim to include about 200-220 people, we will likely need around 44 facilitators.

Interested in faciltiating a circle at the event? All training, scripts and guidelines provided to all volunteers by the Center.

Register to volunteer today!

**Notes on in-person circles: The plan at this point is to conduct the in-person Circles outdoors. There is a possibility that some might be held indoors in a large and well-ventilated space. No matter if we end up indoors or outdoors, masks will be required, PPE materials provided and social distancing will be enforced at the in-person circles.

We are so excited to support the City in facilitating this important conversation, and we hope that you all will join us and bring this high-impact conversation to life with your amazing skills. This will be a great way to connect with the community and be a part of a large impact of civil discourse here in Tucson. Thank you!!

More info on the issue and public comments