The Center for Community Dialogue and Training at Our Family Services has been helping Tucsonans of all ages peacefully talk through conflicts for nearly 40 years. Elders and their families particularly appreciate this service, as it helps preserve relationships when stressful decisions are required.

For example, recently a large group of adult siblings from the Johnson family* were feuding over the living situation and care of their mother, who was declining physically and needed supervision and transportation. Due to family tensions going back decades, the siblings couldn’t come up with a workable plan and the escalating tension was upsetting the mother. Center volunteers specifically trained in eldercare mediation spent some 15 hours speaking to all family members individually, and then several more hours designing a process that would allow everyone’s voice to be heard, help them to stay focused, and not be too long or tiring for the mother.  Because of this careful upfront work, the Johnsons worked out an agreement that not only met everyone’s needs, but also repaired some family bonds.  When this important step happens, mediation is said to be transformative.

Would you like to have a one-on-one session with a mediator to talk through an important conflict in your life, and gain perspective on possible next steps?  In recognition of National Conflict Resolution Day, the Center for Community Dialogue and Training will host FREE “Talk to a Mediator” events around the city during the week of October 15-21.  A short free talk, “The Neurobiology of Conflict,” will accompany each event.

To learn more about event times and locations – OR, to talk to a mediator at Our Family Services – please contact Chris Medvescek, (520) 323-1708 x 122 or email

This project is supported in part by funds from the Shaaron Kent Endowment Fund, a fund of the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona; Ellen Kaye; Eliot T Spalding Foundation; Long Realty Cares Foundation; and Pima County Outside Agency. These partners make free elder care mediation possible, along with many other elder services.  Our Family is a proud member of the End-of-Life Care Partnership and ELDER Alliance.

* Name has been changed to ensure confidentiality.

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