At Our Family Services, we acknowledge that racism and injustice exist widely and we commit to be part of the solution. We won’t be silent about the protests happening because silence equals complicity. The work ahead is about changing the system that has oppressed black people and other marginalized communities for centuries. The work will not be easy and is both external and internal in nature. We are ready.

Our Family has struggled with our own internal diversity, equity, and inclusion and recent events have brought more urgency to this important work. We have renewed our commitment to improve, not just with words but with action, bringing in an independent expert to do a full agency assessment of our current state of diversity, equity and inclusion and to help guide us into the deeper work necessary.

Tonight, June 1, Our Family stands with NAACP-Tucson, and supports their 6PM candle light vigil at the Dunbar Pavilion. For those unable to attend or with COVID related gathering health concerns, we encourage you to hold a private vigil and post a photo on the NAACP-Tucson Facebook page.