Local family resource house braces for impact amid Pride month

Story originally appeared on KOLD.com

It’s a big month for the LGBTQ community, and an even bigger month for those openly stepping out into it.

According to Cindy McClain with Our Family Services, she said they are getting ready for all the teens that could be coming through their doors after some difficult conversations with their family.

“25 percent of the youth that come to us are here because they have come out to their families as LGBTQ, and their family did not accept them,” McClain said.

She added that this month is typically when kids feel brave enough to come out to their families, but it doesn’t always go over well, and teens come to their door after they’ve been disowned, or they up and left.

“June is when we see more than one a week, because it’s Pride month. Obviously, there’s a lot more support for kids coming out during Pride month,” she said. “Lots of events, lots of support, lots of services. They are brave enough to come out and then their family just rejects them.”

Our Family Services provides shelter, food, and even family counseling services to anyone who needs a temporary home. McClain said the average age there is just 16 years old.

“Being homeless is horrible,” McClain said. “Being a teenager is rough. Now, when you combine those two these kids are just going through more than a person should be expected to go through.”

Kids and teens can’t just walk up to Our Family Services door. They get there by going to a Safe Place, you may know one of them as Quik Trip gas stations.

Our Family Services picks up anyone ages 12 to 18, 24 hours a day.

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