This has certainly been a year of adversity and uncertainty. We have seen a major social movement taking place throughout the U.S. in reaction to police violence and racism; we have faced an unprecedented health crisis, COVID19, which has drastically impacted our day to day lives and economic realities; we have confronted the effects of a new environmental reality through battling the largest wildfires we have ever seen in the nation, and witnessing an extremely hot, dry summer here in Arizona.

In the midst of this all, it is an election year.

With still so many unknowns, the Center for Community Dialogue & Training is hosting a safe-space for a community conversation to take place for people to discuss their values, hopes, engagement and call to action in a pre & post-election space. The pre election event is called: Here Comes the Vote! Who Cares? A Nonpartisan Community Forum about the Shaping of Our Values and Votes. It will be held via Zoom on Thursday Oct. 29 6-8pm.

The majority of our event will be dedicated to dialogue circles, where we will have trained facilitators guide respectful conversations reflecting on values, experiences, and civic responsibility. This event will also have an educational component where we delve into the neurobiology of conflict, teach a non violent communication skill, and provide accurate voting information and resources.

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