Connection Circles


The Center for Community Dialogue & Training, a program of Our Family Services, coordinates two “dialogue circle” programs as part of its mission to help Southern Arizonans talk about challenging issues in skilled, civil, respectful – and meaningful – ways. Dialogue circles are structured conversations guided by a facilitator that enable all voices to be heard around a specific topic.

Connection Circles

This program for youth-serving organizations provides dialogue circles for youth ages 14-24 focused on communication and conflict resolution topics. See below for free Connection Circles resources for host sites and facilitators.

Connection Circles is a program for youth, including vulnerable and structurally disadvantaged youth, that promotes communication, conflict resolution, and interpersonal skill-building through engagement in dialogue circles about these topics.

Elder Circles

For 16 years, Elder Circles have provided Tucsonans with opportunities for structured conversations that explore and affirm engaged and conscious living in the “third act” of life. Started in 2004 by Tucson activist Del Jones and others, the Elder Circles program became part of the Center for Community Dialogue & Training and Our Family Services in 2012. Throughout this time, the Circles provided a safe, respectful place to reflect and hear from others on the Elder Wisdom Journey, at no charge, assisted by the gentle facilitation of trained community volunteers.

Beginning in July 2020, the Elder Circles program again will operate independently, under the name Wisdom Circles. The Center will work with the Wisdom Circles Council throughout the summer and fall to ensure a smooth transition and is grateful for the committed volunteers who will ensure Circles continue to be available in Tucson.

Wisdom Circles Email List: Even though you may already be on the Center’s mailing list, you will need to actively opt-in to the Wisdom Circles mailing list, so you may keep in touch with their activities.

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