Eviction Prevention has traditionally not been a large program at Our Family. There haven’t been large pots of federal, state, county or city dollars designated to support prevention and when we do have dollars there are restrictions on how it is spent.

But then 2020 and the Pandemic happened. People started to ask “how will people stay in their homes?”, “what is Our Family doing to help?” and “how can we help?”

One congregation in Tucson answered the call for help. Casas Adobes Congregational Church, led by Rev. Michael Bush and the church’s Ministry of Mission and Outreach, reached out to Our Family to ask how they could best support the Tucson community.

CAUCC launched their fundraising eff orts in November 2020, building upon the initial generosity of one family and inviting others to “multiply the gift”. Their efforts to make a transformative difference in the lives of local families impacted by the global pandemic are now being felt through Eviction Prevention at Our Family. To date they have contributed over $100,000 toward Eviction Prevention in unrestricted dollars and continue to be partners in supporting the program to the best of their ability.

This generous, unrestricted gift allows Our Family to help families struggling with back rent and utilities get caught up with payments and start with a zero balance. Thank you CAUCC for your incredibly kind support of the Tucson community and of Our Family!