The Center for Community Dialogue & Training, a program of Our Family Services, provides multiple community services including mediations, community forums & events, and facilitation/strategic planning as part of its mission to help Southern Arizonans talk about challenging issues in skilled, civil, respectful – and meaningful – ways.

As a program of Our Family Services, the Center is a “social good” endeavor: Your participation in our services not only promotes effective, nonviolent problem-solving, but helps fund services for individuals experiencing homelessness in our community.

What is Mediation?

The Center’s Community Mediation approach follows the practice of Transformative Mediation (TM) as discussed by Noce, Bush, Folger (2002). This approach focuses on interpersonal communication, despite conflict’s potentially destructive impacts on interaction, that people through this process have the opportunity to change to reflect relative personal strength or self-confidence (the empowerment shift) and relative openness or responsiveness to the other (the recognition shift). Trained staff and volunteers assist with coordination of this formal voluntary process.

Types of Mediation Offered

Mediations can be scheduled weekdays during the day and early evening hours and on Saturdays by appointment. Mediations are held virtually or at our office at 5049 E Broadway Blvd, Suite 125, or at off-site locations agreeable to all parties. Services are available in English and Spanish.

**Due to the pandemic, the Center is only hosting Mediations with less than five people present. Zoom platform is used for all virtual mediations. Updates will occur as it becomes safer to come together in person.

  • Conflict Consulting: short-term individualized support to help an individual with communication tools and skills. (Individual support for written or verbal communication, letters, emails, navigating conflict etc.)
  • Interpersonal Mediation: conflict between two parties. Mediations conducted by staff and trained volunteers. (Adult/adult, parent/child, neighbor, landlord/tenant, coworkers).
  • Multiparty or Group Mediation: Complex multi-party issues to address conflict between the various parties. Mediations conducted by staff and trained volunteers. (Business, government, families of three or more, neighborhood associations, co-housing, workgroups or teams).
  • Eldercare Mediations: conducted by staff and trained volunteers. Conflict between family parties. (families caring for an aging loved one 65+)
  • Animal noise complaints must go through Pima Animal Care Center before being referred to mediation. Call (520) 743-7550.
  • Tucson Police Department misconduct complaints must go through Internal Affairs before being referred to mediation. Call (520) 791-4426.
  • Follow Up: Coaching and supports along with feedback surveys to be completed.

How do I know if Mediation is right for me and my situation?
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Mediation Rates and Fees

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Community Forums & Events

Interested in having the Center help facilitate your community forum, listening event or town hall?
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Types of Community Forums we’ve done in the past

  • Democracy & elections dialogue events
  • Youth leadership events
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion forums
  • Community & social justice dialogue events (political divide, healing after gun violence, housing sustainability, honoring heroes of peace, town halls with municipal government, etc.)

Facilitation/Strategic Planning

Interested in having the Center conduct group facilitation or support your strategic planning process?
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