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Bringing Our Family Home: The Campaign for Our Family Services is designed to create a modern, state of the art consolidated campus in midtown Tucson. Our new $2.3 million project has been primarily funded through smart financial management. The $500,000 capital campaign is to fund the remaining building costs and enable Our Family to be mortgage free. The campus will be the result of expanding our Alvernon location and will accommodate merging with staff from our Bellevue office building. The campus will feature 10,600 square feet of new offices, shared rooms for client and staff meetings, a large lobby and client intake spaces. The new, trauma informed design includes natural light in an overall space that acknowledges that trauma exists and will actively work to create a safe space where the clients trauma is understood and not exacerbated. Private meeting rooms, a quiet room for individuals in crisis and a welcoming lobby all provide dignity and privacy to those we serve.

To accommodate our direct services programs, staff will require not only office space but also many shared common rooms to allow for client meetings. In addition, staff frequently require large meeting spaces to hold group meetings. As part of our outreach and housing programs, Our Family provides basic needs for our clients and also accepts donated materials. Thus the new space will maintain a large amount of indoor and outdoor storage.

Once complete, nearly all of Our Family staff and programs will be housed at this consolidated campus, thus creating a comprehensive suite of transformative services designed to help lift under-resourced teens, families, and adults out of homelessness, offering them an unbroken path to stability. Centrally-located, the campus will house Our Family’s vast array of housing services, case management, intake and referral, and counseling and therapeutic programs.

Our Family has been carefully and intentionally planning this project since 2015. Now, construction is underway and we should be home by Fall 2020. Your gift will realize a more opportune future for hundreds of thousands of our most vulnerable neighbors and leave an enduring legacy.

“I’ve been there. I know that feeling of when your life is in uproar. That’s another reason why I support Our Family Services. It’s a terrible wrenching fear to start over. I know what they are going through. It’s a motivation for me to help.”

– Carol, Our Family Services Supporter


Once the proposed consolidated campus is complete, the Tucson community will benefit by the simplified access to a broad continuum of services. In one location, clients will have access to emergency shelter assistance, supportive transitional and permanent housing referral, street and school-based outreach, case management, counseling, and wraparound support services for homeless children, youth, and families offering an unbroken path from the streets to long-term stability.

We hope that you will be a part of Bringing Our Family Home: The Campaign for Our Family Services. One gift, from one person, at any level makes an impact on the work that we do for our community. What is most important is that you make a gift that is meaningful to you and know that your gift will strengthen Our Family for years to come.

Specific opportunities for impact are available with countless possibilities. We look forward to working with you to create an opportunity for impact that is most meaningful for you.

There are multiple naming opportunities available at varying price points.

For more information please contact: Kimberly Moyer

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