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C.O.R.E. (Comprehensive Orientation & Required Education)

Our Family offers a social service and behavioral health curriculum appropriate for employees of both for-profit and non-profit agencies.  C.O.R.E (Comprehensive Orientation & Required Education) is a 27 hour training that may be taken in its entirety, or you may choose the topics you need.

Like basic training for all level of workers in social services, C.O.R.E. covers social issues such as homelessness, violence, addiction, domestic violence, child/elder abuse and LGBT awareness. It also includes training in communications skills, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, ethics, boundaries, confidentiality, HIPAA, suicide assessment/intervention and risk management.

Our next C.O.R.E. will be April 8, 15, 22, and 29, 2014. Download a registration form.

For more information, or if you would like to discuss possibilities for receiving this training, contact Agency Trainer Kathy Schlitz. (520) 323-1708 x 111.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Training and the Enneagram

Come learn and practice powerful communication tools and a rich and deep personality system to understand human behavior and our choices in the way we live and how we connect to our needs.

During this workshop you will ...

  • Increase your EQ (emotional intelligence) by learning which of the nine points of view you tend to use and how they impact yhttps://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs126/1116405319727/img/21.gifour perceptions of the world

  • Identify, understand and address the underlying needs present in every interaction you have - whether it is with colleagues at work, family members at home, or in your volunteer work with your church or neighborhood or that special non-profit you devote your heart to helping

  • Understand how the wisdom of the Enneagram and the practice of NVC can transform relationships that are tense and frustrating into relationships that are respectful and productive

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a concrete set of skills that helpshttps://origin.ih.constantcontact.com/fs126/1116405319727/img/22.jpg us to clarify what we are observing, what emotions we are feeling, what values we want to live by, and what we want to ask of ourselves and others. The Enneagram teaches how valuable all perspectives are while helping us understand our unique way of viewing the world - both perspectives lead to increased empathy and rapport between us.

These skills are important to ...

  • Managers and co-workers in the workplace

  • Teachers, faculty and administrators in education

  • Volunteer leadership on boards of directors, in church communities, HOA's and neighborhood organizations

  • Social service professionals supporting their clients

  • Mediators, negotiators and attorney's supporting their clients through interest-based alternative dispute resolution

We will provide healthy snacks and water, plus organic tea for the morning and afternoon. You will be on your own for lunch.


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Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Training and the Enneagram

April 26 and 27, 2014

9:00 am to 4:00 pm each day

Location: TBD (in Tucson)

Fee: $170.00



Your instructors:

Sylvia Haskvitz is a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication. She has offered seminars and workshops on NVC worldwide during the past 25 years, including the highly rated NVC workshops here at the Center for Community Dialogue. She lives in Tucson, Arizona.

Catherine Tornbom is the manager for the Center for Community Dialogue and has been a certified Enneagram instructor for over 20 years.

Basic Mediation Training

Our 42-hour basic-skills mediation course prepares participants to mediate a variety of workplace and personal conflicts. Course includes theory, communication skills, mediation process and techniques, and ethical standards. There is no prerequisite for the course. If you are interested in volunteering with our Community Mediation Program you are required to take this course before submitting an application. Note: You must attend all six days to receive your certificate.

Basic Mediation Training

September 10,11,12 and 17, 18, 2014

8:30 am to 4:30 pm each day

Location: Our Family Services, Bellevue Office, North Conference Room

3830 E. Bellevue Street

Fee: $475.00

Mediation has provided mediation services and training since 1979. Contact us for information. Group discounts available

Elder Circles Facilitation Training

This training prepares you to facilitate an Elder Circle, a safe and respectful discussion group where people in the second half of their lives share their stories and discuss important topics. Contact us for more information.


Elder Circles Facilitation Training

Next Training TBA

Circles Process Training, Levels 1 and 2:

Circles offer one of the most powerful ways to engage in meaningful conversation in a structured and safe environment. Used for centuries by indigenous peoples to build community, resolve conflict and promote respectful dialogue among people with differing points of view, circles are now being used in business, human services, the legal system and education.

Level 1 demonstrates the basic hows and whys of the circle method and is a prerequisite for Level 2 training.

Circles Process Training, Level 1

Next Training TBA

Level 2 teaches how to choose and convene the appropriate circle method for the group and facilitation skills specific to the circles process.

Circles Process Training, Level 2

Next Training TBA

Contact us for more information.


Peace Circles


Peace Circles are an ongoing monthly facilitated conversation that focus on an aspect of peace education – gaining knowledge on the cause of conflict, and understanding the values, attitudes, skills and behaviors that create peace. We will draw on our own experience as well as bring in guest speakers to expand our awareness and understanding. Peace Circles will be held 6 p.m.-7:30 p.m. at Our Family Services, Bellevue Campus on the following dates in 2013: April 4, May 2, June 6, July 11, August 1, September 5, October 3, November 7, and December 5. Donation requested. Contact us for more information.

Democracy Circles

Our series of five Democracy Circles will challenge you to think more deeply and act constructively to help create a healthy democracy. Each meeting will spotlight a different skill needed to be an effective citizen:

  • An understanding that we are all in this together. An appreciation of the value of other people’s opinions and life experience. Becoming aware of emotions without becoming angry or frustrated. A sense of personal voice and agency.
  • A capacity to create community.

 You will also learn to refine listening skills and how to ask open, honest questions without an agenda and without giving advice.  

Democracy Circles 2014 Series: TBA.

Basic Facilitation Course

Are you ready to change the way you run meetings? Do you want to make sure your participants are productively engaged and reach their goals? Join us for this daylong training and be introduced to the 4D Model of Facilitation. Understand how to be an effective facilitator and how to identify situations appropriate for facilitation such as workplace meetings, committee meetings, homeowners association, even book club sessions. You will learn how to create an effective agenda and keep people on track. There are no prerequisites.

Basic Facilitation Course
Next Training TBA

Eldercare Mediation Training

This mediation course is designed for mediators and professionals who work with seniors -- lawyers, guardians, psychologists, social workers, CPAs, trustees, nurses, hospice workers, geriatric care managers, and nursing home administrators. It is also appropriate for family members dealing with issues facing their elder relative. It will address family dynamics that impair communication, the aging process and its possible impact on mediation, legal and financial issues, and ways to accommodate cognitive impairment or other challenges. Note: You must attend all four days to receive your certificate. Group discounts available.

Eldercare Mediation Training

Next training TBA

Restorative Circles Trainings

Restorative Circles empowers individuals, families, groups/organizations, and communities to problem-solve
misunderstandings, difficult situations, and conflicts. Key to Restorative Circles is a structure and process
through which sustainable strategies are developed by the people directly involved in the situation. It brings diverse people together to dialogue with respect and understanding and has been used successfully by a wide range of communities around the world. Next training TBA.

Facilitation Training

Learn skills to help groups set goals, clarify tasks, make decisions and create strategic plans with this Facilitation Training. You will learn evidence-based facilitation techniques that actively engage full group participation, resulting in focused, productive outcomes. Recognizing that the diversity inherent in groups is both the source of creativity and of conflict, these methods create clear goals, open lines of communication, broaden perspectives and inspire people to adapt to their changing environment. No prerequisites to attend the course. Contact us for more information on our next ToP Facilitation Methods training.

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