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Our mission: ​To support children and youth, to serve families and elders, to strengthen community connections. 

Our Family Services provides shelter and support to homeless children, youth and families. We promote peace and understanding by helping people talk to each other. We help people learn to be better parents, improve their lives, their relationships, and build stronger families. We help elders and adults with disabilities live safely and with dignity in their own homes.

We have two program areas:

Our continuum of care helps homeless children, youth and families into safe, stable housing and on to independent lives through street outreach, shelter and support, and case management.

We help build a better community through counseling, education and
    skill building, services for elders and adults with disabilities, information and referral, and our Center for Community Dialogue.

Our Family is a $5.1 million organization with nearly 70 employees and an active corps of volunteers. We are accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services for Families and Children Inc. We are also licensed as a behavioral health care institution by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

As a merged agency, Our Family has been formed of many once-independent parts -- OUR TOWN and Family Counseling Agency in 2005, Information & Referral Services in 2008, and New Beginnings for Women & Children in July 2012.

Our Family is Dedicated to Quality Improvement.







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